SIG Committees

Awards Committee: The SIG Awards Committee puts out a call each year for several awards, which are presented at the ABCT conference in November. The committee is most active in the 2 months prior to the conference in developing evaluation criteria, reviewing the applications, and selecting the awardees.

  • Chair: Andrea Wieckowski, PhD
  • Members: Dawn Greathouse, Katherine Pickard, Ted Tomeny, & Keiran Rump

Communications & Technology Committee: The communications &technology committee is responsible for 1) Maintaining &updating the SIG website; 2) Managing the SIG Twitter account, @ABCTautism; 3)Developing and disseminating the biannual SIG newsletter, and 4)supporting communications regarding relevant events.

  • Chairs: Angela Dahiya, PhD & Grace Lee Simmons, PhD
  • Members: Alexis Brewe, Josh Golt , Lauren Quetsch, Hannah Rea, & Sophie Manevich

Conference Planning Committee: The conference planning committee is responsible for planning the SIG pre-conference meeting and SIG business meeting at ABCT, including inviting speakers, planning the pre-conference meeting, and reviewing SIG poster submissions.

  • Chairs: Caitlin Conner, PhD & Katherine Pickard, PhD
  • Members: Rebecca Elias, Reina Factor, Alexis Khuu, Hannah Rea, & Ashley Murphy

Membership Committee: The SIG Membership Committee works with SIG leadership to develop new initiatives to engage ASDD SIG membership in goals supporting our mission as well as attracting new members to the SIG. The committee also manages requests to join the SIG and its listserv.

  • Chair: Amy Keefer, PhD
  • Members: Katie Ahlers, Morgan McNair, Elisabeth Sheridan, & Allison Ratto