Awards Winners

Each year, the ASDD SIG recognizes graduate students, early career researchers, outstanding mentors, and individuals who have made transformative contributions to research in ASD and developmental disabilities. Our most recent honorees are highlighted below. Congratulations to all of our awardees!

Student Award

This award is presented each year to a matriculated masters- or doctoral-level student based on current and potential future impact of the awardee to the ASDD field.

2022    Grace Lee Simmons

Early Career Award

The early career award is presented annually to an individual receiving their doctoral degree within the past 10 years. Selection criteria include noteworthy contributions to science and practice relevant to ASDD.

2022    Lauren Quetsch, PhD

Outstanding Mentor Award

The outstanding mentor award seeks to acknowledge and appreciate individuals who have had a significant impact on mentees’ careers, professional development, and personal growth.

2022    Cy Nadler, PhD

Congratulations to our past award winners!

YearStudent AwardEarly Career AwardTransformative Contribution AwardOutstanding Mentor Award
2022Grace Lee SimmonsLauen Quetsch, PhDCy Nadler, PhD
2021Angela DahiyaVanessa Bal, PhDMatthew Lerner, PhD
2020Kyle FrostChristina McDonnell, PhDEric Butter, PhDKim Zlomke, PhD
2019Reina FactorCy Nadler, PhDAmi Klin, PhD & Judy Reaven, PhDSusan White, PhD
2018Isaac SmithLindsey Burrell, PhDLauren Kenworthy, PhD & Lawrence Scahill, PhD
2017Marika Coffman & Erin KangCara Pugliese, PhDMatthew Lerner, PhD
2016Rebecca EliasMegan Tudor, PhDLauren Brookman-Frazee, PhD
2015Caitlin ConnerBrenna Maddox, PhDSusan White, PhD
2014Jenna MendelsonAshley Johnson Harrison, PhDDavid Mandell, PhD