The ASDD SIG is grateful for the leadership of our current co-chairs:

Tyler Higgs, Ph.D.

Hannah Morton, PhD

Dr. Hannah Morton is a neurodivergent postdoctoral fellow at Oregon Health & Science University. Her research examines social acceptance and peer victimization of autistic and neurodivergent youth as well as the overlap and distinction of autism and ADHD. Her recent work focuses on the validity of outcome measurement in autism and ADHD as well as the inclusion of affirming language and autistic voices within the field.

Co-Chair Elect

Katherine Pickard, PhD

Thanks to all of our previous SIG co-chairs for their leadership:

SIG Co-Chairs

2024 Tyler Higgs & Hannah Morton

2023 Cara Pugliese and Tyler Higgs

2022 Lindsey Burrell and Cara Pugliese

2021 Emily Kuschner and Lindsey Burrell

2020 Karen Bearss and Emily Kuschner

2019 Brenna Maddox and Karen Bearss

2018 Cy Nadler, Lauren Moskowitz, and Brenna Maddox

2017 Cy Nadler and Lauren Moskowitz

2016 Matt Lerner and Connor Kerns

2015 Matt Lerner and Connor Kerns

2013 – 2014 Susan White and Jeff Wood (Founding Co-Chairs)