The Graduate Training Initiative has compiled this comprehensive database of faculty who provide doctoral-level training in ASD assessment and intervention. It is our hope that this database will be a unique and useful resource for prospective graduate students who are interested in pursuing doctoral training with a clinical and/or research focus in ASD.

Each faculty member’s name is linked to their department or lab website, where you can find additional information.

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ResearcherInstitutionResearch AreasDegree
Natacha AkshoomoffSDSU/UCSD JDPNormal variations in neural, neuropsychological, and academic development and their genetic associations in children; Behavioral phenotypes associated with rare genetic syndromes and methods to improve identification of young children at risk for developmental disordersClinical Psychology - PhD
Michael AllesandriUniversity of MiamiHow sibling relationships develop when one sibling has ASD; Efficacy of social communication and play interventions in classroomsClinical Psychology - PhD
Vanessa BalRutgers UniversityCharacterization of ASD in adulthood; increasing understanding of minimally verbal individuals; assessment of individual strengths and challenges; symptom trajectories and predictors of later-life achievements; development and refinement of approaches to assess clinical phenotypes and underlying biological mechanismsClinical Psychology - PhD; Clinical Psychology - PsyD; Applied Psychology - MA
Marianne BartonUniversity of ConnecticutEarly parent-child relationships; Early detection and developmental trajectories of ASDClinical Psychology - PhD
Loisa BennettoUniversity of RochesterNeurocognitive bases of autism and other developmental disorders; The role of multisensory processing in social-communication difficulties and in everyday behaviors, including restricted food preferences.Clinical Psychology - PhD
Raphael BernierUniversity of WashingtonGenetics, neurobiology, and behavioral characteristics of individuals with autism spectrum disorderChild Clinical Psychology - PhD; Educational Psychology, PhD
David BeversdorfUniversity of MissouriAutism; drug abuse; dementia; cognitive effects of stress; cognitive neuroscience of problem-solving ability, applications of pharmacological modulation of cognition and neuroimagingNeuroscience - PhD
Jan BlacherUniversity of California, RiversideCultural context of autism; autism and mental health disorders; family impact of children and youth with intellectual disabilities, autism; autism screeningSpecial Education - PhD/School Psychology - PhD
Lauren Brookman-FrazeeSDSU/UCSD JDPCommunity effectiveness and implementation researchClinical Psychology - PhD
Alice CarterUniversity of Massachusetts-BostonIdentification of infants and toddlers at risk for problems in social, behavioral, and emotional functioning; The role of family functioning in child developmentClinical Psychology - PhD
Leslie CarverSDSU/UCSD JDPDevelopment of brain systems that underlie social and cognitive development; How social relationships affect the development of brain systems involved in memory, face processing, and social cognition in children with ASD, typical development, and children at risk for developing ASDClinical Psychology - PhD
Kristin ChristoduluSUNY AlbanySocial support for siblings of children with autism; Non-aversive behavioral interventions/positive family interventions for reducing sleep disturbances, feeding and eating disorders, and disruptive behaviorClinical Psychology - PhD
Thompson DavisLouisiana State UniversityMassed exposure therapy for specific phobias (One-Session Treatment); Anxiety and phobia in toddlers, children, and adults with ASD and other developmental disabilitiesClinical Psychology - PhD
Gabriel DichterUNC-Chapel HillBrain imaging and psychophysiological techniques to examine core deficits and response to treatment in ASD and affective disordersClinical Psychology - PhD
Karen DobkinsSDSU/UCSD JDPTracking sensory, cognitive, social and language development in infants at risk for developing ASDClinical Psychology - PhD
Amy M. DrahotaMichigan State UniversityDeveloping and pilot testing the Autism Community Toolkit: Systems to Measure and Adopt Research-Based Treatment). The ACT SMART Toolkit is an evidence-informed, comprehensive implementation strategy designed to assist ASD community-based agencies successfully implement evidence-based practices.Clinical Psychology - PhD; Ecological-Community Psychology - PhD
Inge-Marie EigstiUniversity of ConnecticutNeurodevelopment in autism spectrum disorders; Language acquisition and neural constraints on language developmentClinical Psychology - PhD
Abbey EisenhowerUniversity of Massachusetts-BostonEarly preschool and school experiences, family factors, and relationships of children with developmental disabilities, disruptive behavior problems, and other developmental or behavioral risk factors; Early detection of ASD and reduction of health disparitiesClinical Psychology - PhD
Debroah FeinUniversity of ConnecticutAutistic disorder; neuropsychological assessment of adults and childrenClinical Psychology - PhD
Kate FiskeRutgers UniversityEvaluating behavioral teaching strategies for children, adolescents, and adults with ASD; parent-teacher relationships and collaboration; parent and sibling experiences, providing effective support for familiesClinical Psychology - PsyD
Kimberly A. GilbertHofstraExploration of the phenotypic expression of children along the autism spectrum to further delineate early onset predictive behaviors of ASD; Efficacy of behavior and language interventions for children with special needsSchool-Community Psychology - PsyD
Katherine GothamRowan UniversityEmotional health in autistic adolescents and adults; Depression in autism; Repetitive thinking and its influence on mood and social health; Emotion processing in ASD; Social Motivation; Social and Nonsocial Reward ProcessesClinical Psychology - PhD
Frank HaistSDSU/UCSD JDPDevelopmental cognitive neuroscience studies of perception with emphasis on face and object processing in typically and atypically developing childrenClinical Psychology - PhD
Heather HendersonUniversity of WaterlooThe role of early temperament on children's social development, affective and cognitive influences on self-regulation in typically and atypically developing children, and developmental psychophysiologyClinical Psychology - PhD
Brooke IngersollMichigan State UniversityDevelopment, evaluation, and dissemination of social communication interventions for individuals with autism, including parent-mediated interventions for young children; Impact of ASD on the family and the broader autism phenotypeClinical Psychology - PhD
Jana IversonUniversity of PittsburghNature and development of the relationship between gesture and speech; infant vocal-motor activity as a potential precursor of the gesture-speech link; Motor and communicative development in infants at increased biological risk for autism spectrum disordersClinical Psychology - PhD
Ashley Johnson HarrisonUniversity of GeorgiaUse of a range of methods, including eye-tracking and behavioral coding, to quantify social attentional constructs commonly impaired among children with ASD (e.g., joint attention and social orienting); Disseminating best practice ASD assessment and treatment approaches to countries and minority groups with insufficient access to ASD servicesSchool Psychology - PhD
Connie KasariUCLASocial-emotional and cognitive development in atypical childrenHuman Develpment & Psychology - PhD
Bridgette (Tonnsen) KelleherPurdue UniversityEarly development in children at-risk for autism; neurodevelopmental outcomes; neurogenetic syndromes (e.g. fragile X, Angelman syndrome); telehealth-based assessment; psychophysiologyClinical Psychology - PhD; Neuroscience and Behavior - PhD
Bonnie Klein-TasmanUW-MilwaukeeBehavioral phenotypes of children with Williams syndrome, duplication 7 syndrome, neurofibromatosis-1, including overlaps in symptomatology with the autism spectrumClinical Psychology - PhD
Ami KlinEmory UniversityEmergence of the social mind and brain and disruptions thereof in autism, from infancy through adulthood; Use of eye-tracking technology to: visualize and measure social engagement; monitor infants at increased risk for developmental disabilities, in order to detect the earliest quantitative markers of autism in infancy; lower the age of detection and improve access to early treatmentClinical Psychology - PhD
Laura KlingerUNC-Chapel HillLearning differences that underlie the social and language symptoms of ASD including research on attention and implicit learning; Applied research examining the effectiveness of community-based intervention programs for individuals with ASDClinical Psychology - PhD
Robert KoegelUC Santa BarbaraDevelopment of treatment techniques focused on “pivotal behaviors” such as improved communication, self-management, and motivationEducation- PhD; Counseling, Clinical and School Psychology - PhD
Robert LaRueRutgers UniversityAssessment and treatment of challenging behavior; behavioral economics and choice; behavioral pharmacology in special needs populationsClinical Psychology - PsyD
Matthew LernerStony Brook UniversityNature of peer relations and social competency deficits that emerge in childhood and adolescence; Novel and evidence-based social skills interventions for youth with ASD; Perceptual, neural, cognitive, affective, and behavioral underpinnings of social dysfunctionClinical Psychology - PhD
Kristin A. LongBoston UniversityReciprocal influences between a child’s medical illness or disability and his/her family and cultural context; Health disparities in autism diagnosis and treatmentClinical Psychology - PhD
Molly LoshNorthwestern UniversityAutism and related neurogenetic disorders; Clinical-behavioral and family-genetic methods and designs to characterize patterns of language strengths and weaknesses that define particular developmental disabilities, and examine ties to neuropsychological and genetic underpinningsClinical Psychology - PhD
Johnny MatsonLouisiana State UniversityDevelopment of assessment and treatment methods in the fields of intellectual disabilities and ASDClinical Psychology - PhD
Jennifer Gillis MattsonSUNY BinghamtonDeveloping behavioral assessment measures and interventions to assist in clinical practice applied to individuals with ASD across the lifespanClinical Psychology - PhD
Daniel MessingerUniversity of MiamiEmotional interaction in typical development and autism; Utilizing technology for automated measurement of expression and for modeling communication; Dynamic systems investigations of the impact of real-time processes (sharing a smile) on developmental processes (secure attachment)Developmental Psychology - PhD
Lauren MoskowitzSt. John's UniversityBehavioral assessment and intervention for children with ASD and other developmental disabilities in naturalistic contexts; CBT for children and adolescents and parent intervention for parents of children with ASD and DDSchool Psychology - PsyD/Clinical Psychology - PhD
Ralph-Axel MuellerSDSU/UCSD JDPFunctional and anatomical brain development in neurotypical children and those with developmental disorders, particularly with ASDClinical Psychology - PhD
Matthew W. MosconiThe University of KansasSensorimotor, cognitive and brain development in autism spectrum and related intellectual/developmental disordersClinical Child Psychology - PhD
Rebecca Neal-BeeversUniversity of Texas - AustinIdentification of early markers of developmental delay in at-risk populations; Indices of physiological regulation (e.g., vagal tone) to understand social and communication deficits in children with autism and other pervasive developmental disordersClinical Psychology - PhD
Lauren B. QuetschUniversity of ArkansasWorking with families of children with disruptive behavior concerns who are on the autism spectrum; adapting evidence-based treatments for this population; understanding aggression for children with ASD and family dynamicsClinical Psychology - PhD
Nancy Raitano LeeDrexel UniversityNeuropsychological and neuroanatomic correlates of intellectual and developmental disabilities; Verbal memory and language difficulties in Down syndrome and other genetic disorders; Comorbid autism spectrum disorder symptoms in youth with genetic disorders; Neuroanatomic correlates of individual differences in typical and atypical cognition. NOTE: Entering students will be primary in Dr. Lee’s lab, with secondary mentorship by Diana Robins.Clinical Psychology - PhD
John RicheyVirginia TechHow the brain processes social information and clinical manifestations of faulty social information processing, including autism and social anxiety disorderClinical Psychology - PhD
Robert RieskeIdaho State UniversityTreatment and assessment of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities with a focus on Autism Spectrum DisordersClinical Psychology - PhD
Jane RobertsUniversity of South CarolinaInfants & young children with ASD & fragile X; genetic contributions to moox & anxiety disorders in women with FMR1 permutation; physiological arousal, anxiety, & stress in children with neurodevelopmental disordersSchool Psychology - PhD; Clinical-Community Psychology - PhD
Raymond RomanczykSUNY BinghamtonEarly intervention and school programs for ASD; parent/family stress; comprehensie service delivery models; influening public policy; computer-assisted clincal decision-making; basic and applied research: enhancing behavioral measurement with eye-tracking and physiological measurementClinical Psychology - PhD
Angela ScarpaVirginia TechEmotional and social development in ASD, including the intersection of both biological and socializing influences; Evidence-based treatment approaches and early screening for ASD, as well as other factors that impact the emotional lives of people with ASDClinical Science - PhD
Laura SchreibmanSDSU/UCSD JDPBehavior modification and applied behavior analysis; psychopathology in children an ASDClinical Psychology - PhD
Robert SchultzUniversity of PennsylvaniaMotivation and learning in autism, particularly in social motivation, social attention and social learning; Genetics of autism using an individual differences approach to look at how genetic variability might correlate with phenotypic variability; Understanding brain development in ASD, with a focus on multimodal imaging approaches to identify the earliest signals of autism risk, as well as the development of early brain-behavior relationships; Developing quantitative phenotypes for social communication abilities using novel technologies for assessment in real world contextsClinical Psychology - PhD; Experimental Psychology - PhD; Cognitive Neuroscience - PhD
Kimberly SlomanRutgers UniversityAssessment and treatment of automatically reinforced problem behavior; Stimulus control procedures to facilitate behavior reduction and generalization of treatment effectsClinical Psychology - PsyD
Mikle SouthBrigham Young UniversityNeural mechanisms underlying anxiety and emotional learning in ASD, including brain imaging and psychophysiological measuresClinical Psychology - PhD
Wendy StoneUniversity of WashingtonEarly identification and intervention for children with ASD; Early developmental processes that contribute to variability in social and behavioral outcomes in infant siblings of children with ASD; Translation of research findings into community practice settingsClinical Psychology - PhD
Mark StraussUniversity of PittsburghEarly development of cognitive abilities in infants and children; cognitive abilities of children with autismClinical Psychology - PhD
Ted TomenyUniversity of Alabama-TuscaloosaFamily functioning; Identifying risk and protective factors for siblings and parents of those with ASD; Better understanding factors related to quality of life for those with ASD, adherence to treatment, and generalizability of treatment outcomesClinical Psychology - PhD
Jeanne TownsendSDSU/UCSD JDPTranslation of basic research to clinical intervention; Use of neuropsychological and behavioral testing, electrophysiological recordings (EEG, ERP), and eye-tracking to study attention, arousal, sensory and motor function in typical development, autism and other developmental disorders.Clinical Psychology - PhD
Amy Vaughan Van HeckeMarquette UniversityBrain activity, heart rate regulation, skin conductance response, facial expression analysis, EEG, ERP, MRI, fMRI, DTI and resting state connectivity fMRI; Social behavior in infants, children with developmental disorders, such as autism, and teenagers and young adults with autism who are undergoing social skills interventions; Effect of social skills interventions (e.g., PEERS) on brain structure & activity, anxiety, and social functioning; Community health education and outreachClinical Psychology - PhD
Ty VernonUC Santa BarbaraSocial development in typical and atypical populations, including neurological and social-perceptual correlates of ASD; Social intervention and measurementClinical and School Psychology - PhD
Susan WhiteUniversity of Alabama-Tuscaloosaintervention, comorbidity, neurodevelopmental disordersClinical Psychology - PhD
Jeffrey WoodUCLADeveloping effective treatment to improve self-regulation, increase adaptive behaviors in social and academic contexts, and address the varying patterns of symptom expression (e.g., repetitive behaviors) and psychiatric comorbidity (e.g., anxiety, conduct problems) seen in many children with ASDHuman Develpment & Psychology - PhD
Kim ZlomkeUniversity of South AlabamaBehavioral family interventions for children with disruptive behavior and autism; Investigating the role that parenting plays in young adult stress, anxiety, and lonelinessClinical and Counseling Psychology - PHD
Lauren Bishop-FitzpatrickUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonAging, health disparities, and health equity in adults on the autism spectrum (including psychosocial interventions)Social Work
Nicole StadnickUniversity of California, San Diegoimplementation science; children's mental health services; integrated care for children with ASD; psychiatric comorbidityClinical Psychology - PhD
Micah MazurekUniversity of Virginiaautism spectrum disorder, treatment-outcome assessment, access to care, co-occurring conditionsClinical Psychology - PhD
Nicole KreiserEastern Virginia Medical SchoolAutism Spectrum Disorder, treatment, anxietyClinical Psychology - PhD