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The Autism Spectrum and Developmental Disabilities SIG is committed to sharing ideas and recent findings about children and adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental disorders. Our SIG focuses on the intersection of behavioral and cognitive therapy traditions. Cognitive-behavioral treatments are relatively new for this population in terms of systematic evaluation. ASD and other developmental disorders affect millions of individuals in the US and elsewhere, many of whom are functioning in the average to superior range of cognitive abilities. The cognitive and language-based aspects of CBT are likely to be accessible and useful to many people with ASD and related disorders, and it is the mission of this SIG to advance efforts to make cognitive-behavioral treatments relevant and accessible to affected individuals. The SIG provides a forum for dissemination of relevant basic and clinical research findings, including descriptive outcome studies, the effects of comorbidity, and studies of behavioral therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for individuals with autism spectrum and other developmental disorders.

Current SIG Co-Chairs

Lauren Moskowitz, PhD

Cy Nadler, PhD

Former SIG Co-Chairs

Matthew D. Lerner, PhD

Connor M. Kerns, PhD

SIG Committees

Conference Committee

Conference Planning Committee:
Nicole Capriola (Chair)
Cara Pugliese
Caitlin Conner
Brenna Maddox
Laura Anthony
Karen Bears
Website/Newsletter Committee:
Matt Roth (Chair)
Rebecca Lindsey
Deanna Swain
Jenna Mendelson
Awards Committee:
Tyler Hassenfeldt (Chair)
Andrea Wieckowski
Ted Tomeny
Kim Zlomke
Summer Bottini